What is it?

Frames+ is a mod developed by Sk1er and Erouax that dramatically increases performance (Frames Per Second) within Minecraft.

This sounds awesome! Where can I get it?

You can download Frames+ on the Download Page

How does it work?

Frames+ optimizes the Minecraft game through ASM in order to override and replace poorly written code. We implement advanced data structures and caching algorithms in order to make the game much faster.

Do I still need Optifine?

We recommend using both Frames+ and Optifine for the best possible experience.

Can I view the source?

The source is currently private but will be available for non commercial use shortly.


Capes can be purchased to support our free project. All funds from capes go toward the developers of Frames+

Capes cost $5 and can be purchased here

Already have a cape? Configure it here