What is it?

Frames+ is a Forge mod developed by Sk1er LLC that dramatically increases performance (Frames Per Second) within Minecraft.

How much is the FPS boost?

Frames+ 1.0 offers a modest FPS improvement on most hard configurations. However, Frames+ 2.0 offers a significant FPS boost. Testing has showed up to a 2.5x FPS increase in real world situations**

This sounds awesome! Where can I get it?

You can download Frames+ 1.0 and Frames+ 2.0 on the Download Page
Frames+ 2.0 has been released with a 3 day free beta trial when you download the mod. After your trial expires, Frames+ lite is automatically activated. You can purchase Lifetime access for Frames+ Premium at introductory pricing here

How does it work?

Frames+ optimizes the Minecraft game through ASM in order to override and replace poorly written code. We implement advanced data structures, caching algorithms, and OpenGL instruction optimizations in order to make the game much faster.

What versions is it for?

Frames+ 2.0 currently supports 1.7.10 and 1.8.x
Frames+ 2.0 will support newer Minecraft versions in the near future.

Does it work with other mods?

We have worked our best in order to ensure compatibility all Minecraft Forge mods. Due to the nature of the mod, compatibility issues may arise.

Do I still need Optifine?

Frames+ can operate independently or in tandem with Optifine. Optifine offers setting and customization that Frames+ does not.

Can I view the source?

Frames+ operates under closed source. If you would like to license Frames+ please email [email protected]

**Testing conducted in Hypixel lobby and games with players & particles enabled and single player test worlds. Mod includes benchmarks in order to measure performance of sub systems within the Minecraft game with and without Frames+ enabled


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